Creating The Future


Over 200 Consulting projects successfully completed and 5000 people trained...
UNICON Consulting Group has the belief in “creating the future” and accordingly invests heavily on the information and knowledge. Every 4 years the group has expanded in two new areas of consulting since its foundation Each year UNICON consultants are sent to international trainings to improve their ability. The group HQ has a library of its own with more than 2000 printed books and training notes available also for the clients. Lately the e-books and knowledge on web has excelled this number. The technological infrastructure of the group is sufficient and continuosly updated. The consultants are encouraged for their higher education and supported. There are a large number of freelance consultants who are trained by UNICON and who are successful in their practices in Turkey. UNICON Consulting Group has been innovative in her field and introduced many new concepts. Of those the best known is the concept of Total Performance Integrated© in which the human performance management has been incorporated into the processes’ targets and the corporate KPI’s.


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UPDATE: Jun 2015