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Unicon has work with both private and public sector companies. Here are some of our major projects.


AGE Construction TURKEY
The company’s management has been institutionalized and its processes and procedures are designed. Project offers and project budgeting are systemized.
EHG Consulting DENMARK
The quality system is assisted and audited 2008
The company has been awakened from stagnation. Strategic planning has been assisted and the growt rate exceed70% annually
AKFEN Construction TURKEY
The quality, environment and OHSAS systems are assisted and systemized
OMSAN Logistic Inc. TURKEY
The Logistic program was designed for Logistics executives with 12 modules and over 180 hours of training with professors from Georgetown University
The quality, environment and OHSAS systems are assisted and audited
The program las been launched for their Turkish Subsidiary for a srategic planning and the company has succesfully been acquired
CENTRO Laboratories TURKEY
The company has been assisted in their merging strategy with her biggest rival and successfully accomplished and created a market share of 10% in Turkey in


QUALEB Quality Infrastructure of LEBANON
UNICON has Successfully delivered Change Management for the Ministry of Trade and Industry during the final phase of the project in 2008
KOSGEB Directorate of SME TURKEY
Project which was awarded by the WORLD Bank. This was about encouraging entrepreneurship and developing newly established SME s in two cities. The project exceeded its target by 100% and was awarded a 10% bonus in payments 2004-2005 TURKISH SCIENTIFIC COUNCIL Marmara Research Center TURKEY. This is the Turkey’s most reputable and largest Research Center. Project lasted 4 years and we have implemented TQM and Contract Management. The client MAM has been awarded Turkish Quality Success Award 2000-2004
Ministry of Agriculture ROMANIA
This was a part of the “UNDP” funded project for delivering the HACCP and Quality System Integration and train the trainers for the ministry experts 2002
TSE Turkish Standards Institute TURKEY
This was a part of the “WORLD Bank” funded project for the “Quality Campus of Turkey”. Within the project, over 500 managers and professionals of different disciplines were trained for the Lead Assessor for compliance with QualityAssurance Systems
Municipality of Tianjin CHINA
Two market researches Turkey wide, have been carried out in co-operation with P-E International Inc


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